Your Webspace

With PlusNet, we give you all the essentials and more to allow you to make your Web site the best it really can be.

Business Free accounts

Not only do we provide you 50 Megabytes of webspace, but you've also got access to sensational features and benefits such as unlimited e-mail addresses and access to our pre-installed CGI scripts to add interactivity to your site.

Subscription-based accounts

Not only do you get webspace (250/500 Megabytes depending on account type) but you've got access to sensational features and benefits such as two free hosted domain names*, CGI access, MySQL and MS FrontPage support. These powerful methods of offering interactivity to your pages can mean the difference between an average and an outstanding Web site. Included as standard with your Force9 account, these facilities would be a considerable expense with most other ISPs, if indeed they offered them at all.

Once it has been registered, your free domain name is set up right away and ready to use with your Web space. And more, once you're up and running you've got an extremely powerful set of applications at your disposal to help you develop your site further.

Webstats allows you to see how many visitors you have had and what parts of your site they were most interested in.

MetaTag Creator and Site Submit, together with comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions, can help get your site to the very top of the major Search Engines' rankings.

Check out our Technical Support section for more information about how you can get started with your Web space right now!

*One domain on NetStart and ADSL Professional

Why PlusNet?

When it comes to the sheer amount of value-added benefits that come with each and every account we sell, we know of no other ISP than can compare to PlusNet. From subscription-free residential accounts, to fixed-cost Internet access products for both home and Business; from high-speed DSL to bespoke Business Solutions, one factor remains a constant - our goal of meeting and exceeding our customers' expectation.

PlusNet are committed to bringing you the very best Internet Services. Having been in existence for just four short years, PlusNet have come to represent one of the major success stories of the UK Internet market.

PlusNet ( has been one of the major success stories in the UK Internet market. PlusNet has, together with its parent company, PlusNet Technologies Ltd. seen steady and consistent growth since its beginnings in mid-1998. Backed by Insight Enterprises Inc. (Nasdaq ref NSIT), a Fortune 1000 "one of the 100 fastest growing businesses in the US" company, PlusNet is led by key people who have been involved in the ISP industry for many years.

Some of the reasons why PlusNet are the sensible choice:

We give you the choice of product to suit you.

We are committed to bringing you the very best services and empower you with control over them. You are able to log into our interactive web portal and administer your account directly.

We give you features that are unheard of at this price-point such as domain hosting, CGI access & e-Commerce.

We want you to participate in a community, we're bringing you into contact with other like-minded people and customers. You'll be able to interact with them and us. Your feedback will help drive forward the new emerging technologies.

We have a team of developers whose sole job is to bring you new features and enhance current ones. Our interactive web Portal is probably the most technically advanced of any UK ISP and is continually being developed.

We endeavour to enhance your Internet experience by providing tools and features that you simply won't find anywhere else.